Monday, February 11, 2008

0. Introduction

My dad's parents traveled the US and Japan during WW2. My mom's parents moved westward from Arizona. Both groups met in California where my parents were born, met, and married. I was also born in California. I have traveled predominately in the Western hemisphere. My first language was English and I have dabbled in Spanish and French.

The grandparents of "Greg" lived in India during British rule. They moved to South Africa where his parents and their siblings lived. Due to political reasons, the family scattered across Africa into Ugunda and other places. Greg's parents moved to London, England where he was born. Greg fondly remembers the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. A great celebration was held, banquets of food lined the streets, Queen performed on the street. Greg has traveled through western Europe and parts of Africa. When he was ten his family immigrated to the USA. His first language was Punjabi but he also knows Hindi, English, Spanish, and French.

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