Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1. Colors

Given the instructions divide this image into color groups.I came up with:
The title of each color group is placed where I believe the purest of that color is.
When I asked Greg to do this, he became ecstatic and made several remarks.

"India is a world of color" - Greg

"I have an eye for color. That's why I was a fine arts major." - Greg

My initial expectation was that Greg's color groupings would be similar in number and characteristic because India was ruled by Britain and he has a strong British connection. This connection has been illustrated in that he identifies with London (a place he lived in childhood), his connection with people who have spoken in his accent, and a statement he made about traveling through British territories former and current. The remark was that if you are a British citizen each nation will welcome you "home".

Greg's Color Chart:
It is interesting to note that Greg chose to mark "Skin" and "Water" as distinct color categories from that of Red/Orange and Blue. He also chose to differentiate between Orange and Red-Orange.

In comparing the two color charts, Greg and I have similarities and differences. We both had colors in between Green and Blue, I labeled it Aqua and he called it Teal/Water. There is a high amount of divergence towards the Right side. Greg chose 4 color categories in the same area that I placed two. Had the differences of color been slightly off, I would have attributed it to my colorblindness and the ways our eyes see differently.

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