Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4. Simple Sentences

English is ordered Subject, Verb, Object
Punjabi is ordered Subject, Object, Verb
Punjabi is primarily an inflectional language while English is predominately word-formation based.
English to Proper Punjabi

He eats an apple

Oh ik seb khanda hai

He is eating an apple

Oh ik seb kha reha hai

He ate an apple

Usne ik seb khadha


What did you do?

Tussi ki kitta?

What should I do?

Tuhanu ki karna chaida hai?

What can I do?

Main ki kar sakda haan?


Is it a book?

Ki eh kitaab hai?

It is a book

Eh kittab hai.

Is it the answer?

Ki eh jawaab hai?

It is the answer.

Eh jawaab hai.

Possible Mistakes
There is the possibility of accidentally messing up the word order.
The other mistake when translating to Punjabi is the misapplication of gender and extension for nouns, not inclining or declining for adjectives.

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