Monday, March 10, 2008

5. Gestures & Personal Space

In speaking with Greg, he has told me that in India people seem to be more friendly. He says it is not uncommon for men to walk holding hands or embrace. Whereas in America it is often looked at as uncommon and homosexual.

I found that when he talked about his background he wanted to stand closer in a conversation and when I moved to a comfortable distance he "danced" along with me. This leads me to believe that space is more close than here. I have found conversational distances to be up to 6ft, intimate to be touching to a foot away. As the groups get larger the space gets exponentially larger.

Greg mentioned common gestures for food or hunger and begging or pleading. In America we have gestures such as the "Awkward turtle", "the finger", people who talk with their hands, and numerous others.

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