Wednesday, April 23, 2008

6. Language Relations

Punjabi and English share no common ancestor. They are practically on different sides of the Indo-European Language Tree. English is in the West Germanic family which resides in the larger Germanic family. Punjabi is in the Middle Indie family which is in Viedic Sanscrit which is in Indic which lies in the Indo-Iranian macrofamily.
Possible Pidgin
If both languages were to meet in an even circumstances and a mutually beneficial trade system were established and both parties had the language experiences that both Greg and I have. I could see a multilingual blending occur. I presume that either English would incorporate nonstandard sounds found in Punjabi or Punjabi would become sloppier and incorporate English sounds. It is likely that a combination would occur. If we look back to the consonant chart (Entry 3).
I could see some sounds moving locations just slightly (Dental to Alvobar etc). I also believe it would become more phonetic.
Ex. PH=>F
I also think consonant clusters would be reduced, "th" would be replaced with theta. This could also lead to the dropping of silent letters similar to the dropping of "g" in "-ing".

Since this is a trading system I can also imagine that speed and efficiency would become important in writing. The shortening of words and creation of abbreviations and slang would come into effect. Similar to online chat speak today. Ex: LOL for Laugh Out Loud. In my own personal note taking I have come up with tricks that I could see beneficial in an actual standardized writing system.

/ comma, or (more than 2)
|| or
+ and, more, pluss
@ at (location)
# number
* importance
- less
! not (opposite)
w/ with
W? what
$ money
c cheap

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